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Detroit, MI 2/01/2010 03:41 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Detroit, MI -- In the face of the current economic climate, many people believe that anything related to real estate, the stock market and investing in general is poisoned water.


While it is true that the market as well as real estate investments have been through a hard time over the past year, Mr. REIT Buyer, spokesperson for the site believes there is always a silver lining to the clouds in the sky.  Read his latest blog post at


REIT Buyer said, “First, you have to face the reality. There were a number of real estate investing opportunities, stocks and funds out there that were a bad idea in recent years. Many companies, real estate investment firms and stock market analysts got a little to cozy with things going well all the time. The economic climate started to shift and soon almost every stock, fund, and investment on the market took a nosedive, taking all of us with it.”


Mr. REIT Buyer went on to explain that as we are coming out of the nosedive many people think it is time to take what they have left and run.   “This is not the right answer. The correct answer to what you should be doing is that you should jump right back up on the horse, but make wiser decisions the next time to avoid another major fall.”


Earl believes that REITs have a great future and he recommends that stock traders and real estate investors research the idea and learn more about the concept of investing in REITs. specializes in this type of investing and their site contains easy to read and easy to understand information for investors at all levels in the industry. 




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