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Pageflakes ( pioneered the concept of enabling a user’s personalized page to be shared with a private group, edited by multiple people, or published to the world.  During that time users have come up with some incredibly useful, imaginative, and useful ways to express themselves with Pageflakes.


Today we’re thrilled to announce that our rapidly growing user community has now generated and shared well over 100,000 pages around the world, all available in the Pageflakes community Pagecast directory.  In celebration of what we feel is a bonafide social media trend with big implications, from now on we will refer to Pageflakes pages shared in this manner as “Pagecasts.” 


In essence, “Pagecasting” is the intersection of personalized pages with social media.  Unlike existing social media such as blogs and podcasts, virtually anyone users can use Pageflakes to easily and quickly mashup a multimedia page with interactive Flakes that will enable them to express themselves and interact with others in a powerful new way - including, of course, blogs, podcasts, videos, photos and more.  Over 100,000 Pagecasters – a prolific subset of our much larger and rapidly growing Pageflakes user base – are enriching the lives of millions of Internet users around the world. 

Consider this - all of these Pagecasts and users form an incredibly large network of independent web publishers, each with their own users and audience that they can not only reach but interact with.  If each Pagecast, for example, has on average just 50 viewers, than 5 million people are viewing these Pagecasts in the aggregate.


There are diverse Pagecasting examples including teachers educating students, families reaching out across the globe, controversial political opinions being voiced, obsessive fans expressing their love for their favorite teams and celebrities, small business owners reaching new customers, professionals exchanging ideas, and even children being adopted from Africa.  Below are links to live, user-generate Pagecasts for of all of these examples - check them out.


After clicking on the links below, the best way, however, to further experience Pagecasting is to visit our Pagecast directory, browse around and search, and see what Pagecasters are doing.  Hoepfully, you'll be inspired to submit your own Pagecast as well.


Teachers educating students:

Onsted High School

East Lothian School District (Scotland)

Also see:


Families reaching out across the globe:

Ralph Posadas Family

Parker Family


Controversial political opinions being voiced:


Afrosphere Politics and Opinion


Obsessive fans expressing their love for their favorite teams and celebrities:

Dallas Cowboys

Avril Lavigne


Small business owners reaching new customers:

1-800-PACK- RAT


Professionals exchanging ideas:

Las Vegas Real Estate

About Marketing


Children being adopted from Africa:

Adopting Children from Ethiopia

Transracial Adoptions

About Pageflakes

Pageflakes, the community-driven personalized homepage, is revolutionizing how we how we start with and use the Internet. At , you can easily customize the Internet and make it yours using '"Flakes" - small, movable versions of all of your Web favorites that you can arrange on your personal homepage. Flakes are available for thousands of uses and interests, including news, sports, e-mail, local events, search, photos, music, videos - even interactive tools like a calendar and a to-do list - and just about anything else you do on the Web at school, work and at home. The Pageflakes community of users create and help each other discover more new flakes and share more new Pageflakes pages every day.

Pageflakes was founded in Germany in 2006 and is funded by Benchmark Capital.


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