DHEA has been Shown to Help Curb Depression Naturally

Houston 9/17/2014 02:58 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

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When you have depression you will do pretty much anything to feel better. Often times things that make you feel better simply do not work anymore, and that makes things worse because you do not know what to do after that. This often leads to use of antidepressants to feel better, but unfortunately that is not a guaranteed solution either. Sometimes, people who do not have severe symptoms would rather not take drugs to handle depression. 

Furthermore, antidepressants and other drugs are not the first choice for many people as it leaves them in a haze, or on a rollercoaster of emotion. Also there are some people who may just be feeling low and do not believe antidepressants are necessary. There are, in fact, many cases in which low vitality and lack of energy is caused by low dehydroepiandrosterone, commonly known as DHEA

DHEA is a pro-hormone that is naturally secreted by the adrenal glands, gonads and skin. DHEA is a precursor or base building block for the production of hormones, like testosterone and estrogen, which can affect your mood. It is an unfortunate fact, but after people reach their mid-twenties, DHEA levels begin to diminish at a rate of about 2% per year. 

Using properly made bioidentical DHEA cream may help bring up a person’s mood and vitality, so they can once again find the happiness and joy of life that often seems just out of reach. Bringing up your DHEA levels can help you feel happier, more energetic and less moody throughout the day, with a greater sense of focus, more well-being and drive. Researchers have also found that DHEA can help reduce many symptoms of depression for people with “the blues’ who are feeling down, especially when these symptoms of depression worsen during middle age. 



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