Stay Energized During the Changing Season With Detox Yoga from MyYogaWorks

Santa Monica 9/18/2014 11:34 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The days are getting shorter and Fall is in the air. Before we know it, Halloween will be here and everywhere you look will be treats and sweets. MyYogaWorks has the perfect solution to stay fit, healthy and energized during the shortened daylight hours with the Detox Yoga Journey Series.

This series, which features online yoga classes for both beginners and intermediate yogis is designed to help you feel more energized and purge toxins from your body with sequences that focus on twisting poses.   This is a great Journey Series to revisit every couple of months, especially when you are feeling low on energy or have over indulged with sweets, a big meal or too much alcohol.

The beginner Detox series is a week long and includes three classes: Quick Beginners Detox, Energizing Detox and Long Beginners Detox.  While the Intermediate series is for two weeks and includes AM Detox, 30-Minute Twists, Long Deep Detox, Quick Sweaty Detox, Twister Flow, Let It Go & Let It Flow and Well-Rounded Deep Detox. At the end of the week long class session, you should notice a difference in how clear your body and mind feel.

Even if you regularly practice yoga at a studio, incorporating MyYogaWorks into your home practice is a great way to complement and enhance your current yoga practice.

MyYogaWorks has a yoga flow for everyone, no matter what you are doing MyYogaWorks has yoga that will make it better.  You can try MyYogaWorks free for 14 days. After the trial period, it is only $15 a month for the best yoga instruction available.


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