Web Marketingville Introduces User Friendly Website

Web Marketingville blends Responsive Web Design format and strategic content placement to create user friendly website experience.

Cincinnati 9/22/2014 07:15 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Web Marketingville New Site
Web Marketingville, a non-traditional internet marketing firm, specializing in reputation marketing, recently completed a major website overhaul.

The Web Marketingville site needed a fresh new look to improve the flow of valuable site information. Visitors entering the site were having a difficult time navigating the content. And visitors were using a wide assortment of devices to view the material causing many to have a bad visitor experience.

Website visitors were entering the site using devices other than desktop computers. Web Marketingville wanted to improve the viewing experience, so it included Responsive Web Design (RWD) in its redesign to give the visitors an optimal viewing experience.

“We set out to keep the site clean, give it a user friendly feel, and make it compatible with all devices. We are pleased with the results,” said Ken Geers Founder of Web Marketingville.

The web site has been totally revamped. Visitors enter the site and move through it having a clear direction of where they are headed and where they have been.  Visitors time is now better spent,  reading what interests them, reviewing online marketing information, or following internet marketing ideas they want to incorporate into their own web marketing plan. 

In working with clients, Web Marketingville concentrates on Reputation Marketing. It believes that internet marketing is wasted if their client does not have a good reputation.  Through an assortment of proprietary tools,  including Local Buzz Connect, it builds a client’s reputation, and markets that reputation to get a better return on the internet marketing dollar. Web Marketingville wants to position the local business as the market leader.

To learn more about Web Marketingville and to visit the new site go to http://www.WebMarketingville.com 

About Web Marketingville: Web Marketingville is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.  A non-traditional internet marketing firm, Web Marketingville adds value to local business by improving the  online reputation. Through its proprietary Reputation Marketing System, Web Marketingville bolsters lead generation efforts, resulting in more customers to the business. 



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