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Asbestos is a substance that was used commonly during the 20th Century in buildings and structures, as it was seen as a useful insulation material given its flame-retardant qualities. This substance has also been linked to many Navy veterans.  However, studies began to show that exposure to asbestos lead to serious medical consequences, including mesothelioma, asbestosis and several forms of cancer.

Extensive research has shown that veterans worldwide have developed this rare form of cancer.  Many veterans while on tours of duty in and around the Philippines who still reside there to this day.  As a US Veteran you are entitled to VA benefits regardless of where you reside.  The site dedicated specifically for Veterans residing in the Philippines is Http://

If you are a veteran and would like to inquire further and investigate your rights through the Veterans Administration we can help you with your VA claim.  Visit us at  Our thorough knowledge of VA protocol can help you receive all that may be entitled to you.

We have a worldwide toll free 800 number, 800.935.9941 with the US as the country code.  One of our intake counselors can assist you and your family.


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