European Lottery Guild alerts players to €129 Million EuroMillions draw

European Lottery Guild (ELG) is inviting lottery players to take part in this week’s €129 Million EuroMillions draw.

London, UK 2/10/2010 12:00 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

European Lottery Guild (ELG) is inviting lottery players from around the world to take part in this week’s €129 Million EuroMillions draw.

The huge superdraw rollover takes place on Friday 12th February at 19:30 GMT and will be the largest EuroMillions draw of 2010.

 “Last Friday’s EuroMillions draw was the first superdraw of the year,” says Elisabeth Moore, Customer Relations Manager for ELG.

 “However, instead of being won, it has rolled over, making this week’s draw even bigger. There’s always a great deal of excitement at ELG when we’re able to offer a big-money draw, and this one is proving no exception. Ticket demand is already very strong.”

Since its creation in 2004, EuroMillions has become renowned for its massive jackpots.

 “The record jackpot is €183.5 Million,” says Moore. “We’d love to see a European Lottery Guild customer win this Friday’s €129 Million. Imagine that!”

For the EuroMillions game, players choose 5 main numbers from a field of 1 to 50, and also choose 2 ‘lucky star’ numbers from a field of 1 to 9. To win the jackpot, a player must match all 5 main numbers plus both ‘lucky star’ numbers. There are 11 additional prize categories.

 “European Lottery Guild players have enjoyed great success on EuroMillions in the past. One customer matched 5 main numbers and 1 lucky star to secure a prize of €514,292. Nothing makes us happier than seeing one of our customers win big!” says Moore.

Players around the globe can secure tickets for EuroMillions by contacting ELG on +1 604 675 2704 or by placing their order enquiry online right now.

Note to Editors

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All the lotteries available through ELG are officially licensed and approved by the governments of their respective countries. Entries are lodged with the appropriate national online lotto network and customers are guaranteed the full value of any prizes they win, with no taxes deducted and no additional fees of any kind

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