THG announces VIP Corporate Hospitality availability during the 2007 Masters Golf Tournament

Chicago, IL 7/10/2007 08:45 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)


July 10, 2007 (Chicago, IL) TransWorldNews — The Hospitality Group (THG), a global corporate sports hospitality provider that specializes in providing premium, VIP Corporate Hospitality packages to worldwide sporting events; has announced the availability of additional corporate hospitality packages during the most coveted event in all of golf, The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA (April 7-13, 2008). 


Business and The Masters Golf Tournament will forever be linked because of its ability to open doors, help close deals, increase brand exposure and entertain key clients.  The Masters Tournament maintains a superlative image, and facilitates the ability to reach key decision-makers, so its importance within the corporate milieu simply cannot be underestimated. Responding to the ever increasing demand for VIP Corporate Hospitality requests during the Masters, THG clients have access to an exclusive, private estate on Berckman Road, just a brief three minute walk (approximately just 50 yards) to Augusta National's entrance.  The beautiful two-story colonial estate is extremely spacious, and features high ceilings and a large outdoor patio, surrounded by spectacular 3.5-acre grounds; making it an absolutely idyllic setting in which to entertain your guests.


" THG Corporate Hospitality is truly the only way to go for those individuals who want to attend the Masters Tournament with absolute VIP status ". 


Companies will have the opportunity to entertain their premiere guests, clients and senior executives in an absolutely first class hospitality environment; in which just some of the benefits include: transferable, daily "Tournament" badges, breakfast with made to order omelet stations, a superb gourmet luncheon, afternoon hors d'oeuvres and cocktail reception, large screen televisions with complete golf coverage, official Masters programs, Masters chairs, private car parking facilities, company logo displayed on the entrance banner and a premium open bar that is available all day long for all guests.


Companies of all sizes make use of premiere corporate hospitality as a necessity for maintaining robust client and corporate relations.  Keeping your "most valuable" clients satisfied should be tantamount for any organization.  It provides a controlled setting in which to reward key clients & VIP guests, as well as providing the opportunity to develop relationships with new prospects. It is for this very reason that companies will openly embrace THG's VIP Corporate Hospitality facilities during the 2008 Masters Tournament in Augusta.  Clients can choose to purchase transferable "Tournament Badges" for an individual single day of the tournament, two-day packages that include access for Thursday and Friday, or Saturday and Sunday play; or select a comprehensive, four-day package  that covers the Tournament's duration, Thursday through Sunday. 


Few sports are as loved, few experiences are as desired as attending The Masters Golf Tournament. With its distinguished history and storied traditions, enjoy the timeless beauty of The Masters at Augusta National.  Let THG transform a Sunday afternoon golf obsession into an incredible experience of a lifetime with THG's custom tailored Masters VIP Hospitality packages. If you are ready to live this passion, call us today. It would be our pleasure to make the experience a reality for you...  Let THG help you maximize the full benefit of sports marketing during the greatest golf event in the world.


Contact us today to find out how THG can tailor a custom corporate hospitality package to meet your unique, individual needs, effectively manage your budget and provide you with the most effective ROI from your corporate hospitality investment during the 2008 Masters Tournament in Augusta!


     About THG

The Hospitality Group, Worldwide (THG) specializes in providing premiere VIP corporate hospitality services at international sporting events, in order to deliver the ultimate in prestigious and luxurious experiences possible.  As one of the world's leading sports hospitality entertainment providers, THG maintains offices in 63 cities worldwide, and covers such marquee events around the globe such as the Super Bowl, The World Cup, The NCAA Final Four, The Masters Golf Championship, The Olympics, U.S. Open, PGA Championship and numerous others!  THG's extensive experience has lead to its unique reputation of being able to access leading sporting events and provide an absolutely 1st class, premiere corporate hospitality environment for all of its clients.  It is the ideal setting in which to inspire effective corporate entertainment and develop the symbiotic relationship building so crucial in today's fast-paced business environment.  At THG, we simply make one in a lifetime experiences possible! 


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