Shooting Victim Represented by Morgan & Morgan Awarded $2.5 Million

Orlando, FL 2/13/2010 12:40 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

An Orange County, Florida jury awarded shooting victim Rontra Thomas, 25, of Orlando, Fla. a $2.5 million dollar verdict on February 5, 2010. Thomas was shot in 2008 while visiting an apartment complex that failed to provide adequate security. He was represented at trial by Morgan & Morgan attorney John Dill and Orlando attorney Frank T. Allen.

Thomas, a former Jones High School basketball star and scholarship recipient, was sleeping inside one of the units at the apartment complex when the shooting occurred. He was struck by several flying bullets. Thomas suffered severe injuries to his legs, which now prevent him from playing sports. The assailants were never apprehended.

Apartment complex owners have a legal duty to keep residents safe from harm, including criminal assault. If they fail to provide proper security and implement the necessary safety measures, they may be held liable for negligent security.

The defense argued that the shooting, which occurred in a high crime area, could not have been prevented. However, Mr. Dill and Mr. Allen successfully argued that negligent security practices at the apartment complex contributed to the incident.

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