Simply Best Penny Stocks Set to Launch Advertising Campaign on SIRIUS XM Radio

Ft Lauderdale, Florida 2/16/2010 05:15 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Simply Best Penny Stocks has announced that their advertising campaign with SIRIUS XM Radio will launch on February 16th and run through February 19, 2010. The ad will feature a 30-second clip about Simply Best Penny Stocks, directing listeners to their website located at


Simply Best Penny Stocks, a leading financial publication, is pleased to alert investors of stocks on the move.

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The advertisement states that "some of their alerts have gone up as high as 220% in just one day," however, "there is no guarantee that past performance will be indicative of future results."


Advertising on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio enables the campaign to be directed towards a specific demographic or group of people. SIRIUS XM Radio knows exactly who their listeners are, and the best stations to place an ad to direct it towards the targeted listening audience. The Simply Best Penny Stocks advertisement directs the audience to their website.


The programming will be aired on Sports, News and Talk Radio Channels where it is most likely to have the greatest impact. The ad is going to be featured on stations such as CNBC, Bloomberg Radio, PGA Tour Radio, ESPN and other stations with an audience that meets the website's listening demographic. Investors that are tuned in to SIRIUS XM Radio will be directed to Simply Best Penny Stocks website where they will be prompted to sign up for the newsletter.


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