3 Major Corps. Leave U.S. Climate Action Partnership

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Beverly Hills 2/17/2010 08:50 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Three major corporations are leaving the U.S. Climate Action Partnership. The group, which is comprised of a collection of businesses and environmental organizations, has been working to garner support for initiatives such as reducing U.S. emissions and greenhouse gases in the capital.


Tuesday a statement from the group revealed Caterpillar, Oil goliath BP PLC and Conoco Phillips all elected not to renew their membership.


Caterpillar released a statement on the decision stating that it still remained committed to the cause, but would look to devote their capital towards "commercialization of technologies that will promote and provide sustainable development and reduce carbon emissions." Caterpillar recently became involved with FutureGen Alliance which is endeavoring to develop a near-zero emissions power plant.


BP made a similar statement, confirming their support for global environmental issues, but looking to be more self-contained in their actions toward bettering policy.




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