Veterans With Cancer

New site looking for volunteers

Las Vegas NV 8/06/2007 12:01 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Veterans With Cancer opened today and this new website and blog is seeking Volunteers to help with maintaining the site traffic.  Tens of thousands of US veterans suffer from all types of cancers, said Ken Smith, President of Veteran Helping Veteran, the organization behind

Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, is a US veteran or family member of a US veteran is welcome to come and help us with this project said Smith.

The concept came from dozens of veterans who meet regularlly with the advocates of Veteran Helping Veteran, a national advocacy group that helps veterans from all wars with information on how best to make application to the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Each volunteer needs to offer at least two hours per week, and have some experiance in dealing with veterans affairs.  Posting of the volunteer information is accepted on the site.




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