Major Book Publisher Seeking New Authors for Book Publishing!

Tulsa, OK 8/10/2007 06:34 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Need to get your book published?  This major book publisher is aggressively seeking new authors and books to publish.

If you have ever dreamed of publishing that one share with the world, or you have a list of titles that you have written and would like to get them in print, we would like to introduce you to the qualified team at Victory Graphics and Media.

Victory Graphics and Media is a team of professional book packagers who are committed to helping authors self-publish quality books that will inspire the reader, are very attractive, and will fit within the author’s budget.
With more than 50 years combined experience in the publishing industry, members of this team have developed projects for many New York Times best-selling authors.

When it’s time to publish your book, Victory Graphics and Media can help. Publishing can be an overwhelming process for those with little or no experience. Our qualified publishing team is here to answer all your questions and provide you with professional services while guiding you through the publishing process.  

Experienced editors will help you develop your book for the widest possible audience. A graphic artist will format your text and design covers that will attract desired attention to the message.

Professional recommendations will be given to help you determine the overall book package such as trim size, hardcover or paperback, quantities to print (for optimal cost effectiveness) and retail prices suited for your market.

It is our purpose to use our skills and talents to give our authors finished products that are cost effective and second to none!


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