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STRATA OIL AND GAS (OTCBB: SOIGF) "Up 169.3% on Thursday"

Strata Oil & Gas Inc. is a Canadian junior exploration company focused on carbonate-hosted bitumen deposits in the Peace River area of Alberta, Canada. Strata's current total land holdings consist of approximately 112,692 acres with 111,692 acres (approximately 165 sections) being located in the Peace River area.


September 27 - Strata Oil & Gas Inc. Discovers Major Bitumen Resource

Strata Oil & Gas Inc. ("Strata") (OTCBB: SOIGF) is pleased to announce the results of its drill program conducted earlier in 2007. Independent analysis of the drilling results and existing data available on a portion of the leases held by Strata gave an estimate of the original oil in place of 2.25 billion barrels of bitumen. This volume is considered to be a "High Estimate" of the in-place Discovered Resource made in accordance with the procedures of the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation (COGE) Handbook.

Norwest Corporation ("Norwest") of Calgary, Alberta, Canada recently completed this independent evaluation of in-place bitumen resources on a portion of Strata's Cadotte leases which cover an area of 29 sections (approximately 18,345 acres) in the Peace River region of Alberta. Norwest evaluated data from 57 wells in the area to determine the thickness variation of the ore. Geophysical logs and laboratory measurements for 18 of these wells were also evaluated.

Norwest found that in the Debolt and Elkton carbonate Formations on Strata's leases much of the ore zone exceeded a thickness of 10 metres and a bitumen grade of 10 percent by weight. The resource is bedded and continuous with strong correlation of the ore zones between adjacent wells in the target area.

At a minimum bitumen grade of 10 percent by weight and an ore thickness of more than 10 metres, Norwest has identified a "Low Estimate" of 1.3 billion barrels in place on Strata's Cadotte leases. Norwest's "Best Estimate," which has a grade cut-off for bitumen of 8 percent by weight but no thickness constraint, is 1.99 billion barrels in-place.

"We are very pleased with these initial results," stated Manny Dhinsa, President and CEO of Strata, "which demonstrate that our resource at Peace River is exploitable and substantial. Our next step is to drill a series of production test wells in order to determine the most favorable method for extracting the bitumen."

Norwest is currently preparing a formal valuation on behalf of Strata that will assess the economic parameters of the project based on a number of scenarios. Strata expects to complete an engineering report and economic analysis in the fourth quarter of 2007.


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Universal Detection Technology is a developer of monitoring technologies, including bioterrorism detection devices. The Company on its own and with development partners is positioned to capitalize on opportunities related to Homeland Security. For example, the Company, in cooperation with NASA, has developed a bio-terror 'smoke' detector that detects certain biohazard substances. For more information, please visit http://www.udetection.com.

UDTT News:

September 27 - Research Shows Difficulties in Tracking Bioweapons

As quoted recently in the Associated Press, one of the major challenges of the US defense forces is tracking scientists moving from country to country to share their expertise in building biological weapons.

According to the same article, unlike nuclear weapons or missiles, biological weapons can be manufactured in relatively nondescript facilities that are hard to detect. That makes tracking the people with the know-how to build the weapons themselves even more critical, said Vice Adm. Robert Murrett, director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. The agency analyzes imagery intelligence that comes from aircraft and satellites.

Biological weapons use viruses, bacteria or toxins rather than explosives to target people, animals or agriculture. They can be loaded onto a traditional warhead or dispersed by less sophisticated methods, like the letters containing deadly anthrax spores mailed to Congress and media outlets in 2001.

Because they are easier to hide than nuclear weapons or missiles, biological weapons are best tracked by monitoring those with expertise to make them -- a formidable challenge in itself, Murrett said.

"The kind of challenge we have for proliferation which I think is tougher is, for example, the transfer of individual scientists from country A to country B," he said at a breakfast with defense reporters. Tracking individuals trying to spread biological weapons know-how is beyond the capabilities of his agency alone, Murrett said. It requires multiple intelligence agencies to combine their intercepts, data bases and analyses. "That's probably working as well today as maybe it ever has," he said.

"In addition to the critical intelligence required to defuse attacks with biological weapons, monitoring of air for early detection of such bio-warfare agents is an effective tool in taking action before occurrence of mass casualties," said Jacques Tizabi, UDTT's Chief Executive Officer. "The threat of bioterrorism is here to stay and at UDTT, we strive to supply solutions and technologies that can save the public from such threats," he added.


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CLIK News:

September 26 - Glenn Halpryn and Jerry Glauser Purchase Control of clickNsettle.com, Inc.

On September 26, 2007, Glenn Halpryn of Miami, Florida, and Jerry Glauser of Denver, Colorado, along with other business associates, purchased 51.65% of the outstanding common stock of clickNsettle.com, Inc. (OTCBB: CLIK), a Delaware corporation ('CLIK').

CLIK is a public shell company that previously provided alternative dispute resolution services. CLIK sold its dispute resolution business in 2005 and has since had no operations. Halpryn and Glauser intend to utilize the public company to effect a merger or other business combination with an operating company.

Following the change of control, Glenn Halpryn was elected Chairman of CLIK's Board of Directors and was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Halpryn and Glauser, along with other investors, purchased control in December 2006 of Getting Ready Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GTRY), which is also a publicly traded shell. Glenn Halpryn is Chairman and CEO of Getting Ready Corporation.

Glenn Halpryn is a Miami investor who was Chairman and CEO of Orthodontix, Inc. prior to the merger of Orthodontix and Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc. (PLX) in December 2006.

Jerry Glauser is a Denver businessman and former Mercedes Benz automobile dealer. During his business career, Mr. Glauser owned nine automobile dealerships and is now a partner in Alex Rodriguez Mercedes Benz, which is located in Houston, Texas.


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China Education Alliance, Inc. was originally founded in 1996 and had engaged in several different businesses with various names before focusing on the education sector and changing its name to China Education Alliance, Inc. in November 2004. The Company is currently an educational resource company offering high-quality educational programs and training through both online networks and an on-site training center. The Company's products include on- line test preparation materials, researchers' materials, study guides, audio recordings, vocational training services and vocational certifications. The company conducts educational services through three main channels: a large educational on-line portal, educational software and media, and education and vocational training centers. The Company is currently selling its educational products and services to provincial education officials, administrators, schools and teachers in China. China Education Alliance was listed on the OTC Bulletin Board in September 2004. For more information about China Education Alliance, please visit http://www.chinaeducational.com.

CEDA News:

September 26 - China Education Alliance, Inc. Co-Sponsored and Presented at the Second China International Vocational Education Forum

China Education Alliance, Inc. (OTCBB: CEDA) ('China Education Alliance' or 'the Company'), a leading distributor of educational resources offering high- quality programs and training both through on-line networks and an on-site training center in China, announced recently that it co-sponsored the Second China International Vocational Education Forum in Harbin, P. R. China on September 19 - 20, 2007. This conference is conducted every two years and is considered to be the premiere forum for educational matters and a platform for academic discussion. The reports from the forum are used as key reference points in order to form Chinese vocational education policies and position its development.

This year's event was attended by officials from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Chinese Association of Higher Education, National Association of Vocational Education of China, National Center for Education Development Research, China Education Association of the Chemical Industry, Australian Embassy of China and Chinese Association for Science and Business. Over 300 principals of vocational education schools in China also participated in this forum. The CEO of China Education Alliance, Mr. Xiqun Yu, and some other Chinese officials made keynote presentations at the forum.

'We are one of the major sponsors of this high level forum, which should enhance China Education Alliance's reputation, strengthen our relationships with government educational entities and other educational parties,' said Mr. Yu. 'The vocational education market is expected to increase rapidly over the next few years due to the many barriers of receiving higher level education for more middle school students, rapid urbanization and higher demand for vocational training from employed people. As a result, we are accelerating our entry into this large and growing market.'

China Education Alliance is dedicated to developing the vocational education market in China and has collaborated with the China Vocation Education Society in setting up its vocational website, http://www.360ve.com, a 'high-quality vocational teaching resource supermarket,' which aims to become the major online vocational education platform in China.


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NNBR News:

September 27 - Nanobac Pharmaceuticals Board of Directors Approves Interim Financing and Stock Buy Back

Nanobac Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCBB:NNBP) ("Nanobac" or "the Company") is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has approved an interim financing package that will allow the Company to meet its scientific and business initiatives through the end of the year. This financing is a debt instrument which is being secured by management and should have minimal to no dilution to shareholders.

The Company's Board of Directors also approved a stock buy back program which will allow for the Company and Management to buy back up to 20% of the outstanding float. This action was taken as a step to show management belief that the Company is significantly undervalued and the Board of Director's commitment to the Company's future success. This buy back will take place over the course of the next year.

"The significant advancements in our research and development program as well as our sales and marketing initiatives, makes these strategic moves the next logical step in the company's progression," commented Alex H. Edwards III, Director Nanobac Pharmaceuticals. "We are now actively interviewing investment banking firms to start the process of a significant funding event in late 2007 early 2008," Edwards concluded.


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