Ron Paul Resonates Best With the American Public According to the Polls

Washington D.C. 10/12/2007 08:17 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Ron Paul is staring to find favor from dissatisfied American voters that want change and a return to Constitutional principles says

According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll, 64% of adults disapprove with how the federal budget deficit is being handled. Ron Paul has never voted for an unbalanced budget and has been one of the leading advocates against the Federal Reserve and printing of money.

52% of adults feel that Democrats are better at handling the federal deficit. Ron Paul is trying to bring fiscal responsibility back to the Republican party.

According to Gallup's August poll of 1019 adults nationwide, 60% of Americans approve of labor unions and as Ron Paul stated at the CNBC debate, the right to organize is a basic right derived from the Constitution.

ABC News Polls show that 67% of Americans think the government is not doing enough to keep illegal immigrants from coming to the United States. Ron Paul has been the leading critic of our Iraq war policy and how the United States sent our border guards to fight.

Ron Paul has been the strongest supporter of the 2nd amendment, our right to bear arms and as the latest Gallup poll shows, the percentage of adults that want more strict gun laws has dropped from a high of 66% a bit before 9/11 to 51% when they polled adults October 4th through the 7th this year. More strict gun laws had the favor of 78% of those polled in 1990.

And most importantly, Ron Paul has been highly critical of the Iraq war. 70% are dissatisfied with the war as it is being fought right now.

Ron Paul resonates well between both parties because he derives his philosophies from the Constitution - the document that brings America together.

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