Azaire Offers Convergence

SANTA CLARA, Calif. 10/26/2005 02:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Azaire Networks Inc., the leading provider of mobile broadband services, announced today the availability of its next generation IP Converged Network Platform (IP-CNP). The IP-CNP is a complete solution enabling operators to deliver services on hybrid access networks today. The 3GPP-compliant Next Generation IP-CNP includes the Metro-Wireless Services Gateway 4500 (Metro-WSG), the first ATCA-based convergence gateway, supporting both legacy voice and data services as well as new IMS services.

The new IP-CNP allows mobile operators, fixed operators and service providers to cost effectively deliver the mobile broadband services demanded by users eager for "broadband everywhere." Hybrid networks extend the spectrum and footprint of homogeneous macrocellular networks with IP-based wireless access networks. IP-CNP supports WiFi-enabled devices such as laptops and PDAs, as well as dual-mode handsets.

The IP-CNP offers a complete range of features, including:

  • Secure Authentication - Provides ease of use via one-click connect, and prevents theft of service
  • Integrated Billing - One bill to the end user
  • Secure Roaming - Consistent carrier-class security over all WiFi access networks
  • Seamless Service Delivery - Extends all macrocellular services, including legacy and next generation IMS services, over WiFi
  • Cross-Bearer Mobility - Session continuity based on "make before break" fast handoff technology between macrocellular and WiFi networks for all services
  • Simple Integration - Through multi-protocol support, including EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, IPSec, IKE-v2, RADIUS, Diameter, IP-v4, IP-v6, GTP, SMPP, MAP, ETSI, ITU, ANSI

The new Metro-WSG "MSG 4500" is the world's first 3GPP-compliant packet data gateway (PDG). The ATCA-based Metro-WSG can also function as a tunnel terminating gateway (TTG) and a UMA security gateway (SEGW). Designed for fixed and mobile operators, the Metro-WSG includes the following carrier-class features:

  • Scalable up to one million simultaneous users
  • Fault tolerant by providing 1:1 or N:M redundancy
  • Distributed load balancing over 10 traffic-carrying cards per chassis
  • Carrier-grade NEBS compliant

In addition to the M-WSG, the next generation IP-CNP consists of the Service Control Node, which provides a single control point to the whole public WiFi Network and handles only control traffic (authentication, authorization, integrated billing, roaming, customer care and network management). The Azaire Connection Manager is a 3GPP-compliant client and is available as an SDK to third party client and device manufacturers. It enables operators to provide subscribers with a secure, simple to use one-click connection with "make before break" mobility.

"Mobile operators need to embrace IP access technologies, such as WiFi, to be competitive," said Richard Webb, Directing Analyst, Wireless LANs for Infonetics Research. "Azaire's new Metro-Wireless Services Gateway, as part of its next generation IP Converged Network Platform, lets operators offer users the ability to send and receive voice, data and multimedia via any access technology, integrate this information through any of the current fixed/mobile convergence technologies, including UMA, SIP and in the future IMS."

Azaire Networks Inc.


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