Yoga, Health & Happiness, an Encore Presentation

YogaHub gives a small encore presentation for those who missed the major event last time

Los Angeles, Ca 3/24/2010 07:45 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Hillary Rubin on the Virtual Yoga Teleconference
On March 25th, YogaHub will present a special one-day FREE “Encore Event” of their first ever Virtual World Yoga Conference, focusing on “Yoga, Health & Happiness”. The live portion of this innovative conference, which took place from February 19th to 21st, was a breakthrough in learning and self-development, providing registrants with a diverse range of presentations on health and wellness modalities as well as yoga training. 

The Conference was greeted with great enthusiasm by people from over 20 countries, who took advantage of this new technology to learn more about the importance of finding balance in body, mind and spirit. YogaHub lined up an exciting and inspirational group of 45 of the world’s leading health experts who are well-known and highly esteemed in their respective fields of yoga, health and happiness. The presenters generously shared their knowledge and expertise through a diverse range of sessions and workshops tailored towards physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness. 

Even though the live portion of the event is over, the enthusiastic response and continued interest in the Conference have prompted YogaHub to offer this special one-day “Encore Event” as a way of encouraging as many individuals as possible to have a taste of what it was like to participate in the innovative and rewarding conference. And to ensure that people will receive the same full benefit of the Conference, YogaHub is ensuring that registrants will be able to participate “live” in a roundtable discussion with several of the Conference’s presenters, which includes being able to ask questions directly to them.

A phone line or internet connection is all anyone will need to participate in this free Encore Event. Participants will have the opportunity to listen to a few of the top workshops from this year’s live conference. In addition, YogaHub is offering a back-stage pass to a live forum discussion about the many benefits of creating a yogic community in cyberspace

Since this “Encore Event” is a virtual one, there’s still time to sign up and book a “seat” at tomorrow’s event. As a bonus, YogaHub will also give away 10 “All Access Passes” to all the recorded events of the 2010 Yoga Conference, as well as a ticket to 2011. To be entered into the draw, it just takes a few moments of your time and participation to encourage others to join this free event. The draw will take place immediately following the Encore Event on March 25th.

For more information on YogaHub’s “Encore Event” of the Virtual World Yoga Conference, click here or call 1.888.YOGA.HUB (964-2482).


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