Alcoholism Treatment and Faith-Based Programs

New York, NY 3/25/2010 10:55 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Many people have a strong belief in God, and attend a church or place of worship that supports their particular beliefs. They practice their faith by regular attendance at their place of worship and following the teachings of the Holy Bible if they are Christian and the Torah if they are Jewish.


Even with a strong faith, however, alcoholism can occur. When it does happen, many people may seek alcoholism treatment at a facility sponsored or supported by their particular denomination or faith.


This can have several positive aspects. First, knowing that their belief will be accepted and supported during alcohol treatment can help them find the strength to succeed in the alcohol treatment program. Second, being able to interact with others with similar beliefs during group therapy sessions at other times will give them support that might can be continued after treatment ends.


Those who need alcoholism treatment, but worry about privacy or confidentiality issues can choose an alcohol treatment program that is still affiliated with their particular denomination or faith, but is located in a different area or region. In this way, they can receive the help they need, without the added stress of possibly being “found out”.


Those who wish to enter a faith-based alcohol treatment program can log on to or call 1-800-559-9503 for information on faith-based alcoholism treatment. We will work with them to find a faith-based alcohol treatment program to fit their spiritual needs.


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