Global Crown Capital Launches Systematic Research Coverage of Nanotechnology and MEMS Equities Worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO, CA 11/02/2005 04:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Global Crown Capital, LLC (GCC), an independent, boutique investment firm, today announced the launch of the financial industry's most comprehensive research coverage of Nanotechnology and MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) equities worldwide to date. GCC's research uniquely combines fundamental research and technical analysis that is objective, systematic, actionable and concise.

"It is time to inject genuine Nanotechnology and MEMS technical and market expertise into the investing community," said Rani Jarkas, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Global Crown Capital. "Despite the relatively young age of these industries, Nanotechnology and MEMS are rapidly proliferating into the global economy and are already offering significant investment opportunities for both short- and long-term investors."

Global Crown Capital has assembled a team of internationally recognized analysts, led by Dr. Nikolay Tishchenko, Senior Managing Director of Global Equity Research, a physicist with nearly two decades of Nanotechnology expertise. Dr. Tishchenko has a unique combination of technical knowledge and investing savvy, having worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and at leading investment firms as a Senior Equity Research Analyst where he was recognized as the number one stock picker in his sector by the Wall Street Journal in 2002.

"Nanotechnology stocks are most often the subject of speculation rather than serious investment evaluations. The current research on the Street admits to not being based on fundamental equity analysis of companies or having the credibility to serve as an investment recommendation," said Dr. Tishchenko. "We intend to change that by providing investors with high quality, independent equity research which incorporates in-depth financial and technical analysis -- enabling the best possible investment decision-making by serious investors and portfolio managers."

Because Nanotechnology and MEMS impact virtually all major industries, GCC's broad research coverage, including technology, oil & gas, biotechnology and healthcare, enables the firm to offer systematic coverage of Nanotechnology equities.

Building visibility for Global Crown Capital's research is Marlene Bourne, Senior Director of Nanotechnology and MEMS, Global Crown Capital Nanotechnology Group, LLC. Widely recognized as one of the leading experts on MEMS, Ms. Bourne spent a decade following the emergence and growth of MEMS, and offers unique insight on the companies, products, markets, issues, trends and opportunities at hand.

"MEMS allow for exciting investment opportunities in their own right, but MEMS are also acting as a technological platform which will enable the future growth of Nanotechnology into new markets," said Ms. Bourne. "It is this convergence of Nanotechnology and MEMS, resulting in NEMS -- NanoElectroMechanical Systems -- which is perhaps the most compelling development to watch going forward."

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