Sgt. Jill Stevens, Miss Utah, announces new goals

Atlanta, GA 12/07/2007 04:34 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Jill Stevens, a sergeant in the Utah National Guard and the reigning Miss Utah, has announced several new goals she plans to accomplish soon. Stevens announced to the Davis County Commissioners that she wants to get Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training into every high school in the United States.

“I want to bring substance to the title. These girls really do make a difference,” said Miss Utah to commissioners. “I want to get Teen CERT in every high school in Utah, then across the nation. Preparing the youth is how to prepare the nation.”


Stevens has already accomplished a variety of titles including sergeant in the National Guard, registered nurse, and a veteran marathon runner. She has also completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan and is preparing to compete for the Miss America crown in January.


The 24-year-old’s goals were applauded by commissioners. “Thank you for serving the county, state and country. You’ll hear our cheers for you come January,” said Commissioner Alan Hansen.


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