Drug Addiction Could Lead to a New Beginning

Prescription drug abuse in on the rise

Atlanta, GA 4/08/2010 03:13 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

As Pharmaceutical Companies such as Eli Lilly experience double digit revenue growth in 2009 at a time when the rest of the nation is experiencing an economic downturn there is much truth to be found in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency's (DEA) statement. "We are a pill-taking society."  They also tell us that prescription drug abuse in on the rise, especially among our youth.

Drug addiction ruins lives. Prescription drugs are some of the worst to withdraw from and some of the most abused. Narconon Georgia deals with drug rehabilitation and has helped many addicts break the bonds of prescription addiction.  To
Narconon Georgia, drugs are just poisons, whether from the street or made in a lab. The path to addiction is the same and the road out to recovery follows their same program steps.

For the 23.1 million Americans addicted to drugs and in need of drug rehabilitation treatment according to the White House, many never receive the help they need. For the most part people don't realize effective non-drug drug rehabilitation is possible. However, at Narconon Georgia, not only have they delivered successful
drug rehabilitation for ten years, they also set addicts on the path to a whole new beginning.

As Pam says after completing the Narconon Georgia program, "This program helped me become the person I used to be before drugs. It showed me the person I was always meant to be. Narconon truly gave me my life back."

Although there is a way out from drug addiction, and Narconon also engages in drug education and prevention lectures in schools, drug companies do have the advantage. For example Eli Lilly reported almost 6 billion in revenue in 2009 with a 14% growth. Despite the drug Zyprexa used for nebulous psychiatric disorders voted on by psychiatrists undergoing litigation over side effects Lilly, still predicts a 23% growth in shares for 2010.  The fact is drug company advertising works.

The solution to drug addiction is not starting to begin with.  However, with a drug ad at every turn it's hard to get any other message through. TV programming and even TV scripts are influenced heavily by the advertisers, namely the drug companies. As the DEA points out, "We are being bombarded with advertisements about the benefits of these drugs. But don't be fooled: legal
prescription drugs are not something to fool around with."
The DEA also warns, "You cannot predict the effect that a drug can have on you."  There is no distinction between prescription drugs or illegal drugs. Most illegal drugs started out as medically administered drugs.  As Narconon points out, "Drugs are basically toxins, or more simply poisons."  

There is drug treatment that works and the Narconon program is backed by 44 years of results.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or you would like more information on drugs or the Narconon program contact Narconon Georgia at 800-311-4407.



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