Brooke Burke Reveals Secret to Fit Post Baby Body

Atlanta, GA 1/03/2008 06:44 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Brooke Burke has revealed the secret to a have a great post baby body – staying fit during pregnancy and Taut Compression Wraps. After three kids and one on the way, Burke says she knows just what it take to get back to your normal size after having a baby.

“The more fit you are during your pregnancy, the quicker you’re going to bounce back,” she says. “I probably started up two weeks after delivery and I felt I could handle that.”


Burke, 36, also reveals core work will help you have an easier delivery. “I know a lot of women are a little afraid to work their abs, or are afraid of core work, but I think it supports your back and I think it helps for an easier delivery and it makes us feel good,” says the actress.


She also says after having the baby, to wrap your stomach area in a Taut Belly Wrap. “You pull it super tight and Velcro it. It feels good for all of that baby skin. I swear by it,” she said.


Burke’s online baby store, Baboosh Baby, features the post partum wraps.


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