Taylor Swift in Car Accident

Atlanta, GA 1/08/2008 06:44 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Taylor Swift was in a car accident recently and escaped unhurt. The 18-year-old said the person who hit her happened to be a fan and asked for an autograph…on a piece of her broken taillight.

The country singer said the whole ordeal was “crazy” as another fan recognized her and pulled over for an autograph. Swift says a car then hit the woman’s car.


“Yeah, somebody hit my car and then asked me to sign a broken piece of my taillight,” says Swift. “Then it was crazy. Five minutes later this other woman saw me on the side of the road and decided that she wanted to get an autograph for her daughter. So she pulled over to get my autograph and then somebody hit her car. It was quite an experience.”


Meanwhile, Swift has decided to donate her pink Chevy truck to NASCAR’s Victory Junction Gang Camp, which assists children with chronic illnesses. The truck was given to her by her record label for her birthday last month.


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