Fred Thompson’s Focus On National Security

Washington D.C. 1/09/2008 01:19 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Former Senator from Tennessee, Fred Thompson keeps a focus on his personal efforts to increase the stability and performance of America’s national security. As terrorist attack threats increase from Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, the thought of national security is heavy on our presidential candidates minds this election. Thompson has spoken of his desire to build our nations security through commitment and communication with the American people. He would focus on expanding our military as well as increase military funding. He wants to increase the use of more modern battle equipment with use in the air, on land and sea.

He doesn’t get more specific from hear, but sounds as if his knowledge of what he would put in place is already in the forefront of his mind as possible commander in chief. He is well aware of our national neighbors and the threat we face as many of them now have nuclear capability. With a firm understanding and support of our countries safety, perhaps the poll percentages will increase for this presidential hopeful. Current polls from show Thompson at 1% according to CNN and 1% according to ARG.

Poll percentages on show Thompson at 10%, nothing to shout about, but by far better numbers than a measly 1%. With tough competition from fellow Republican candidates like Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney a leap to the top of the election polls may seem impossible, but with a caucus in New Hampshire here the results could surprise us.


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