Tinker "Ty" Keck Lost $25,000 on Fox's "Moment of Truth"

Atlanta, GA 1/24/2008 11:33 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Tinker "Ty" Keck, a former professional football player for the New York Giants, was the first contestant on the series premiere of Fox's "Moment of Truth" Wednesday.

Keck also played in the XFL before signing as an undrafted free agent for the Giants, but was cut in the final week of preseason that year. He never appeared in a regular season NFL game. Keck is now a Hollywood personal trainer.

Keck was on the show with his wife, Catia, who sat in the allotted chairs next to the stage to see his answers.

Keck won $25,000 for answering for admitting he peeked at his teammates private parts in the shower. However, he lost it when the lie detector deemed that he lied when asked a question on whether he ever touched his female personal training clients more than was necessary.

Keck also had to answer the question “Do you think you’ve delayed having children because you’re not sure if Catia will be your lifelong partner?” He answered yes, much to the chagrin of his wife and the audience.

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