Tony Romo Tired of Jessica Simpson Diva Attitude

Atlanta, GA 1/25/2008 05:50 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

According to reports, Tony Romo is tried of his new girlfriend Jessica Simpson’s “diva” attitude and has attempted but failed to break up with her.

The couple began dating over Thanksgiving holidays last year but sources claim the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is tired of the singer and called her on January 17 to break up with her, but Simpson would not listen.


“He said he thought it was better if they went back to being friends,” said a friend of Simpson’s. “’Just friends’ is not in Jessica’s vocabulary, and she is not a victim. She knows how bad this will look in the media.”


“Tony has finally started to realize how high-maintenance Jessica is,” the source added. “We’re talking diva status. She comes with an entourage, and that includes her dad, Joe Simpson. What’s not to love?”


Simpson and Romo recently went on a vacation to Mexico and they were accompanied by her parents. Other sources said Romo is frustrated that Joe is always around.


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