Actor Christopher Allport Dead After Avalanche

Atlanta, GA 1/28/2008 02:35 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Actor Chris Allport was killed by an avalanche in Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains on Friday. The 60-year-old was skiing when he was caught in a series of “freak avalanches.” Allport’s body was found near the Mountain High Ski resort.

President of Mt. Baldy Ski Resorts, Pete Olsen, said avalanches are very rare in the area. “We depend on snow-making, and snow-making doesn’t lead to avalanches. It usually doesn’t snow enough to make anything happen up here,” he said.


Nearly 3 feet of snow had hit the mountains within the past week after snow storms blew through the area.


Allport had nearly a 40-year career as an actor. He appeared in several TV shows including Matlock, ER, and Felicity.


Two others were killed in the avalanches; 23-year-old Michael McKay and 31-year-old Darin Coffey.


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