Jerry O'Connell Parody of Tom Cruise Scientology Video Available on Finditt

Atlanta, GA 1/29/2008 12:32 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Jerry O'Connell is making national news with his parody of Tom Cruise's Scientology video. O'Connell, who played alongside Cruise in "Jerry Maguire", looks enough like Cruise to pull the comedic rendition off.

Cruise has been in the news himself lately for a controversial Scientology video interview that has circulated the Internet and television news stations.

Cruise was introduced to Scientology through his first wife Mimi Rogers in 1990. He attributes his successful battle with dyslexia to his faith in Scientology. Cruise has been arguably the strongest advocate for Scientology. Cruise recently received a Freedom Medal for his work with the faith.

O'Connell's parody has been featured on TMZ (both online and the television show) and Entertainment Tonight.

Many celebrities have been asked about Cruise's recent activities involving Scientology, but most have remained silent.

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