Hillary Clinton Leads Texas Poll Released by IVR Polls

Washington D.C. 2/04/2008 02:10 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Here are the latest results from the Texas poll by IVR Polls published on USAElectionPolls.com:

There were 534 voters polled on 1/30-31.

IVR Polls
Date: 1/30-31
Added: 2/4/08
Est. MoE = 4.2%
Hillary Clinton 48%
Barack Obama 38%
Mike Gravel 3%
Unsure 10%


Obama's support among African-Americans actually dipped slightly as the number of undecided women increased. Obama still has a large lead 55-21, with 24% undecided.

Both candidates gained among white voters with Edwards departure. Obama gained eight points while Clinton gained five. I can't distinguish between former Edwards voters and prior movement, but my best guess would be that it was a combination of the two. Undecided was also up two points.

Clinton's support was even between men and women, but Obama had seven points higher support among men. Women were seven points more likely to be undecided.

Source: Tracking Polls, Super Tuesday Polls



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