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Dallas, Tx 2/09/2008 06:42 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Dallas faux decorative painting artisan Eva Musquiz uses the art of color to brighten your home. Call Eva at - (972) 978-1585 for a expert consultation. Pamper yourself today!

With the sluggish economy, homeowners have taken to lifting their spirits with a splash of color giving rooms a fresh, new look. Dallas faux finisher, Eva Musquiz, Chief Creative Artist of Evie’s Easel in Dallas, Texas, invites homeowners to forget about those boring white walls and opt for decorative painting using techniques such as color washing, glazing or even faux venetian plaster.

Often times, the old fashioned method of wall paper can cause a room to look (and feel) outdated. Faux finishing has taken the design world by storm and provided an entirely new approach to decorative wall painting techniques. In addition to paint on walls, Eva Musquiz specializes in faux finishing for brick fireplaces giving an instant face-lift to basic red brick and the inevitable soot-covered chimney.

Texas residential or commercial clients in Dallas, Tarrant and Denton counties have seen what faux finishing can do to their space and have raving reviews. Evie's Easel produces design-worthy faux finishes while adding a cozy, personalized touch to any area of the home. Catering to the evolving desires of creative customers, Eva also does wall lettering, faux-tin ceilings, murals and re-dos to specialty pieces such as cabinetry, tile backsplashes, and doors.

Professional and affordable, Eva has an innate passion for textures, designs and transformations. Eva’s background includes more than just paint on walls, including mosaics, watercolor, and acrylics on canvas. After leaving many years in the corporate world to pursue her love of art, she apprenticed under a veteran in the industry for several years before beginning her own company. Eva’s abstract and still life art and mosaics now have representation throughout the U.S. and Canada, with current displays in Philadelphia galleries.

Call today for a no-cost bid/consultation at (972) 978-1585 or visit http://www.evieseasel.com/

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