Press Release PR Combines SEM Expertise with Traditional Writing for Proven Results

Renowned freelance writer Danny Brown brings winning formula to press releases and web content with new company

Toronto, ON 2/12/2008 04:04 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Press Release PR is the new company from respected freelance writer Danny Brown, with the aim of offering an easy, all-in-one solution to targeted press campaigns and associated content. With over 15 years worth of experience in the freelance writing arena, including Feature Writer for Indie Music at Suite101 and a regular contributor to FIVE Magazine and Vision6, he believes the new company brings something different to the promotional table.
"With traditional press releases, it tends to be that the initial story comes out, everyone gets excited for 30 minutes, then it's promptly forgotten," says owner and Managing Director, Danny Brown. "With Press Release PR, we keep that initial buzz going by both advising on and providing the content needed, to build on the interest created by the press release itself. Whether it's a print campaign or an online promotional push, we can ensure that you're getting the maximum exposure."    

Whether it's an search engine optimized press release; a long-term advertising project; or additional content to support your press release and subsequent campaign, Press Release PR offers a creative and professional service. Providing you with the promotional content that's right for you from the very first moment of contact, Brown and his team will help guide you through the initial press release process and continue to advise you on how to maximize the effect of your follow-up promotion.

It's a combination that obviously works, with clients already clamoring for the impressive results that Press Release PR brings to every one of its projects. Results that have seen the company recently chosen to be the promotional sponsor for the 2008 Toronto Indie Music Awards (TIMA). Proof, if proof were needed, that this is a business that delivers on its promise. 

With the enviable expertise that Brown offers, and the impressive results that only years of success in the print and the online world can bring, Press Release PR is the new name in media-focused content for any company serious about its promotional material.    

About Press Release PR
Formed in 2007 by renowned freelance writer Danny Brown, Press Release PR offers a complete promotional service. From individuals to small businesses; from media publicity to corporate campaigns; Press Release PR is available to you every step of the way.


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