New Research on Belly Fat and Cellulite

Belly fat is toxic and more prevalent in men but can wreak havoc in both sexes since the toxins sit so close to the heart.

Birmingham, USA 2/12/2008 06:04 AM GMT (TransWorldNews) introduces a new body wrap based on new research and discoveries about belly fat. It has been given so many names.  Love handles, beer gut, pot belly.  But it all it is just plain and simple belly fat and it is the most toxic!  The number of people overweight in the United States has been increasing dramatically.  Latest studies conducted by the American Department of Health concluded that an estimated 60% of adults are overweight or obese and this in turn leads to higher incidence of disease including but not limited to heart disease.


Belly fat is more commonly associated with men as history tells us that women tend to put on the extra pounds on their hips, thighs and legs and gain cellulite in those same areas with the fourth most popular place being the belly.  While belly fat may be a common sight among men today, it should be a cause for alarm because it can pose a great risk – greater risk than we thought.  Women should also research the toxicity level of cellulite as that fat tends to be very toxic as well according to research.


There is now a solid link between belly fat and heart disease and other health risk - it has been noted that people with a lot of belly fat tend to have more heart health problems than people who have fat deposits in other areas.  This is why men are more likely to suffer health risks than women because men put on weight around the waist.  Having more fat in the system affects the body’s metabolism and can be a cause of various ailments like diabetes, certain cancers, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, lower HDL (or good cholesterol) and many others.


Losing fat through exercise and better diet is a great way to correct the metabolism in the body and can even remove some of the health risk symptoms already being experienced.


Your trusty old tape measure is a good way to tell if you already have too much body fat. Having a waist line of more than 100 centimeters is already an indication of too much belly fat and can result in increased chances of heart disease and other problems.  But if you want a more accurate measurement, there is a way to compare your waist-to-hip ratio or your body mass index for a more precise reading of much belly fat you have. This does not measure cellulite. However cellulite is visible to the naked eye as an organce peel look to the skin that acts as if it protrudes from underneath the skin.


Unfortunately there is no magic formula to reduce belly fat however Purity has introduced an at home herbal body wrap kit that helps to shrink inches from the waist and pull the toxins from the fat.  Purity is the leader in spa healthy hair care products, spa skin care products and natural based beauty products that allow you to bring the spa beauty experience home in convenient kits.


While it is a well known fact that a proper diet and regular exercise plays a key role to improving your waistline detoxifying your body can play a vital role in reducing built up toxins that can wreak havoc on the body.  As a general rule, having more physical activity and eating fewer amounts of fatty and salty foods is a good way to start.  And here’s some inspiration for you:  If you decide to go on a reduced fat and calorie diet and combine it with regular exercise, belly fat is the first kind of fat to disappear! Let Purity Beauty Products including the hair care products, skin care products and other spa related products guide you to better health.


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