Billy Ray Cyrus Apologizes For Seatbelt Incident

Atlanta, GA 2/14/2008 03:56 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Billy Ray Cyrus has apologized for not wearing his seatbelt in his daughter’s new ‘Hannah Montana’ movie. In the 3D movie, ‘Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert,’ Miley Cyrus and her father are seen riding without their seatbelts in the backseat of a Range Rover.


Consumer Reports magazine slamed the father daughter duo in a blog posted Monday. “It seems to us that Miley, her father and Disney had a perfect opportunity to help influence teens and counteract – rather than encourage – this trend,” wrote Consumer Reports.


The country music singer has issued an apology for he and his 15-year-old daughter setting a bad example to their fans. “We got caught up in the moment of filming, and we made a mistake and forgot to buckle our seatbelts,” he explains. “Seatbelt safety is extremely important.”


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