Did Heritage Sell Out?

Liberty Author and Columnist John Longenecker objects to the Heritage Foundation’s position in favor of Real ID, America’s National ID Card.

Los Angeles 2/14/2008 06:58 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

"I’ve long admired the Foundation for its patriotism, and we are members," says liberty author and columnist John Longenecker, "But the Foundation’s position on Real ID is all wrong."

Since 2004, Longenecker has publicly taken the position that all electronic surveillance in America is incompatible with liberty.

The rise of crime in America is not due to lack of observation, but due largely to an intimidated lack of resistance and discouraging of resolve, asserts Longenecker. Longenecker’s 2005 book Transfer of Wealth has addressed how crime and anti-violence are married as a boondoggle for intrusive policies, and how these have grown as a huge industrial complex. One of the super industries thriving on continued violence and crime is Electronic Surveillance, including the RFID Chip and the National ID Card.

Longenecker’s analysis and position is available in bulk as a 36 page monograph to liberty and privacy seminar hosts opposing electronic surveillance in the United States. That Monograph is titled Electronic Stalking In The New Millennium — Nightmares Of Conformity, and it can be located at his website www.GoodForTheCountry.com



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