John McCain Leads Texas Poll Released by Rasmussen Reports

Washington D.C. 2/16/2008 08:08 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Here are the latest results from the Texas poll by Rasmussen Reports published on

There were 796 voters polled on 2/14.

Rasmussen Reports
Date: 2/14
Est. MoE = 3.5%
John McCain 45%
Mike Huckabee 37%
Ron Paul 7%
Unsure 11%


Huckabee leads 45% to 38% among voters who consider immigration to be the top issue. This topic has been a sore subject between McCain and conservatives throughout the campaign. It is therefore interesting to note that voters who view immigration as the top issue strongly prefer McCain over both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in recent state polling (state general election polls have been released in recent days for New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada and Missouri). More state data will be released by Rasmussen Reports this weekend.

Voters who consider the economy as the highest priority overwhelmingly prefer McCain over Huckabee.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of Likely Republican Primary Voters in Texas have a favorable opinion of McCain while 71% say the same about Huckabee. Twenty-three percent (23%) have an unfavorable opinion of each man.

Source: Tracking Polls, State Presidential Primary Polls

The average poll results over the last 5 days in the Texas polls from are:

Candidate %
Mike Huckabee 41
John McCain 44
Ron Paul 6


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