Quality home painting service now affordable in Dallas, Texas

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Dallas, Texas 2/23/2008 03:22 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Dallas painter, Eva Musquiz, unveils a new price line for the beginning of spring. Now is the time to refresh your boring, white walls for the season. Book an appointment for a no-cost consultation.

Decorating your home is now affordable. Evie’s Easel, a Dallas faux painter servicing Denton county, Dallas county and Collin county, has creative ideas that will give residential and commercial customers that much-needed boost.

With faux techniques such as glazing, Venetian plaster, murals or texturing, virtually any surface can be revitalized. Flat painting is also offered for the minimalist who wants a simple, modern look without the bells and whistles. What are you waiting for? Call Eva Musquiz today to find out how to make your home ready for spring time!

Bored with your brick fireplace? Visit the
Gallery to see how you can transform those bricks into a stylish centerpiece in your living room with a couple of cans of paint and some expert ideas.

Prepare your home or office for spring with home decorating ideas from Evie’s Easel. Call Eva Musquiz at (972) 978-1585 or visit

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