Nalco Introduces SMART Solutions(TM) for Efficiency Offering to the Pulp and Paper Industry; Novel technologies, key partnerships combine to form customized, grade-based offering

NAPERVILLE, Ill. 10/26/2005 01:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Nalco Company (NYSE:NLC) today introduced SMART Solutions for Efficiency, a grade-based offering to the pulp and paper industry to maximize operational efficiency and improve finished product performance. The new service offering is delivered through key Nalco technologies and new partnerships.

Paper producers are under increased pressure to improve the overall efficiency of their operations due to regional production overcapacity, shifting global market demand and escalating costs. Production curtailments at the least efficient operations are being recognized in some regions while new production is being added in other, lower cost areas of the world.

Through its SMART Solutions for Efficiency offering, Nalco provides tools and services that allow the papermaker to address key performance indicators such as on-machine efficiency. Where alternative approaches may analyze only one component of efficiency at a time, Nalco is capable of understanding how multiple components are interconnected and implementing changes across the paper machine to provide greater results and subsequent returns for its clients.

In a climate of significant increases in energy costs, Nalco's SMART Solutions for Efficiency can often result in as much as 10-15 percent energy savings per ton of paper produced, in addition to other efficiency benefits. This can put Nalco clients at a significant advantage over their competitors.

Nalco's SMART Solutions for Efficiency offering is supported by an exclusive global distributor agreement with HelioJET Cleaning Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of high pressure, high-temperature water delivery systems.

The Nalco/HelioJET program combines engineering, operational and chemical elements with an unsurpassed knowledge base to ensure that the unit operations of forming, pressing and drying and their associated parts perform to their design specifications.

"Through our SMART Solutions for Efficiency offering, Nalco makes more efficient use of key raw materials and process additives while improving paper machine performance and end product quality," said Mark Irwin, President, Paper Services Division at Nalco. "Our strategic alliance with HelioJET is a perfect example of how we accomplish this. We are able to more fully improve the efficiency of our clients' operations by removing contaminants that slow production."

"We are very excited about the partnership. Our proven high pressure/high-temperature water delivery system for contaminant removal aligns itself perfectly into Nalco's SMART Solutions offering," said Russell Knisel Jr., President and CEO of HelioJET Cleaning Technologies Incorporated. "Nalco's SMART Solutions offering provides clients with improved operational efficiency through mechanical, operational and chemical variables. HelioJET with its patented technology provides a critical 'mechanical' component."

"When combined with Nalco's second-to-none team of sales engineers and technology platform, we believe the offering will deliver to Nalco's clients the best forming press and dryer section optimization solution in the industry; guaranteeing improved paper machine efficiency," Knisel continued.

Nalco is the leading provider of integrated water treatment and process improvement services, chemicals and equipment programs for industrial and institutional applications. The company currently serves more than 60,000 customer locations representing a broad range of end markets. It has established a global presence with over 10,000 employees operating in 130 countries supported by a comprehensive network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and research centers. In 2004, Nalco achieved sales of more than $3 billion.

HelioJET Cleaning Technologies is a manufacturer of high pressure/high-temperature water delivery systems for paper machine applications, food sanitation, and interior tank washing.

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