Ashley Alexandra Dupre Sets Amie Street Record 3/15/2008 05:26 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Aime Street announced Friday that Ashley Alexandra Dupre is the fastest-rising artist on their music uploading website.

Dupre, the call girl at the center of the prostitution scandal involving New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, posted two songs on the web site and both are selling through the roof.

Dupre posted her first song, "What We Want", in November. The song stayed at a price of 9 cents before skyrocketing to 98 cents, which is the Aime Street price maximum, shortly after Dupre was identified.

At 2am on Thursday morning, Dupre posted a second song titled "Move Ya Body." "It was the fastest song to ever hit 98 cents of any song previously on the site," said Josh Boltuch, the chief marketing officer and co-founder of Aime Street.

On Aime Street, songs are originally available to users for free but increase in price as they are downloaded more often. Artists then receive 70 percent of the revenue generated by their song sales.

In addition to the revenue she has made from Aime Street, Dupre has been offered $1 million to pose for Hustler. Her MySpace page was taken down on Thursday after it received 5 million page views in a day.

One of her songs was also played on the radio on Z100, a major New York radio station.

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