Get Auto Insurance with No Down Payment

Chicago, IL 6/17/2010 01:21 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Auto insurance with little down

Automobile policies can become quite an expense and for the majority of driver are necessary and legally required. The average consumer cannot afford to pay auto insurance premiums in full; fortunately insurers allow policyholders to pay for coverage in monthly installments and a diligent shopper may be able to start up a policy with no down payment.

The total premium for the full term of an automobile policy can extremely expensive, but shopping around allows the possibility of finding no down payment auto insurance which only requires the first month’s premium to begin coverage and pay on a monthly basis for as long as they with to keep the policy in effect.

Consumers who wish to get insured with as little start up cost as possible should simply take the time to shop around and compare quotes; this will help eliminate insurers who will require a large down payment for coverage and companies who may want the full term to be paid up front.

Once a company has been found which is willing to offer a policy with just the first month’s premium being paid make sure to ask about any fees that may be included which can be negotiable. The Illinois Department of Insurance advises consumer not to be rushed into buying a policy by high pressure sales tactics.


When purchasing a policy with no down payment make sure to fully understand the terms of the contract such as billing and cancellation fees. Consumers can visit for further details and assistance locating coverage with little start up cost.


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