Megyn Kelly Marries Douglas Brunt in New York Wedding

Atlanta, GA 3/20/2008 04:02 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Megyn Kelly, an anchorwoman for Fox News Channel, married Douglas Brunt in a private wedding in Huntington, NY on Saturday.

Kelly, 37, and Brunt, 36, had been dating for several months while in a long-distance relationship. Kelly lived in Washington, while Brunt, an Internet security executive, traveled between homes in Florida and New York.

In January, Kelly, whose name is generally misspelled as Megan or Meghan, was transferred to New York to become an anchor of “America’s Newsroom,” a daily Fox news show. During this time, Kelly changed her name from Kendall back to her maiden name Kelly after a divorce.

Brunt, the president and chief executive officer of Authentium, and Kelly were wed in front of 130 people at Oheka Castle.

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