Jeffrey Salko and Kidnapped Son Found in South Korea

Atlanta, GA 3/29/2008 03:38 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Jeffrey Salko kidnapped his son, 7-year-old Kobe Lee, last August and fled to South Korea. With the help of the NYPD, the FBI, American Embassy and a charity that recovers kidnapped children; Kobe has been returned to his mother.

Tiffany Rubin and Salko separated when Kobe was only 4-months-old. Salko was facing 6 months in jail for failing to pay child support when he disappeared with his son.


Rubin took to her MySpace page for help in finding Kobe. She received a tip saying her son was attending school in South Korea. Rubin was able to fly to South Korea to get her son back with the help of the American Association for Lost Children Inc.


The FBI is working with South Korean authorities to have Salko returned to the United States and face kidnapping charges.


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