Baltimore Teacher Beaten by Student, Caught on Film

Atlanta, Ga. 4/09/2008 09:53 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

An art teacher at Baltimore’s Reginald F. Lewis High School was beaten by a student and a fellow classmate caught the attack on a video phone and posted the images on MySpace.


Jolita Berry said that she had told a student to sit down and behave last Friday and moments later the student jumped on top of her and began throwing punches. According to Berry other students cheered their classmate on and the abuse continued until teachers were able to pull the student off.


Berry then met with the school’s principal and was surprised by the reaction that she received. Berry detailed the meeting with the principal for WBAL TV 11 News in Baltimore saying, “On one hand, she told me that she is sorry that his happened to me, but then she turned right around and told me that telling a student that I was going to defend myself was a trigger word. I triggered them.”


Baltimore City school police have said they would begin an investigation into the attack.


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