Pennsylvania Poll Released by Newsmax / Zogby Poll: Barack Obama 43%, Hillary Clinton 47%

Washington D.C. 4/13/2008 10:03 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Here are the latest results from the Pennsylvania poll by Newsmax / Zogby Poll published on

There were 1002 voters polled on 4/9-10.

Newsmax / Zogby Poll
Date: 4/9-10
Added: 4/12/08
Est. MoE = 3.1%
Hillary Clinton 47%
Barack Obama 43%
Unsure 10%


Clinton wins 47% support to Obama's 43% among likely Democratic primary voters, the survey shows. Another 2% are still holding out for someone else, while 8% said they are yet undecided.

Clinton enjoys strength in western Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, and central Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg, both regions of which are heavily populated by conservative Democrats. Obama enjoys an edge in the eastern part of the state, including Philadelphia.

Obama leads among younger Democratic Party voters, while Clinton leads among older voters. The age break point appears to be age 35. Among those likely voters under age 35, Obama leads by a 61% to 32% margin, while Clinton leads among those over age 35 by a 50% to 39% margin.

It is important to note that Pennsylvania's pool of likely voters over age 35 is much larger than the pool of voters younger than age 35.

Among men, Obama leads Clinton by a 48% to 40% margin, while Clinton leads among women, 53% to 39%. Among men, 9% are undecided, while 7% of women have yet to make up their minds.

Race is playing a big factor in the contest here. Obama leads among African American voters, 77% to 21% for Clinton. But among whites, Clinton leads by a 53% to 36% margin. Among Catholic voters, Clinton wins 62% support, compared to 29% support for Obama. But, among Protestants, Obama leads Clinton, 50% to 40%.

The Newsmax/Zogby survey shows two issues dominate in the minds of Pennsylvania Democrats - first and foremost the economy, and to a lesser degree, the war in Iraq. More than half - 53% - said the economy was their top concern in making a choice for the nomination, while 32% said the war was their top concern. This was the case in every region of the state and among every age group in the state.

On the question of which candidate is most likely to help the respondent's personal financial situation, Clinton held a small edge over Obama, 41% to 36%. She held a slight edge among men on the question, and a slightly larger single-digit advantage among women. Asked which of the candidates would do the most for the middle class, Clinton held a statistically insignificant 44% to 42% advantage.

Source: Recent Polls, State Presidential Primary Polls

The average poll results over the last 5 days in the Pennsylvania polls from are:

Candidate %
Hillary Clinton 47
Barack Obama 41


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