Celebrity Prescription Drug Abuse

Atlanta, GA 7/10/2010 02:06 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

In a television interview Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael, acknowledged that he is hunting for the doctors enabling, what he feels is Lindsay’s addiction to prescription medication.  Proclaiming that his daughter was high on prescription drugs at her hearing yesterday he stated, “I know when my daughter is straight or high.”

Judge Revel ordered a 90 day jail sentence and three months in
drug treatment, along with drug testing for a year for Ms. Lohan.  The Judge’s order that Lindsay remain “clean and sober” for twelve months is an oxymoron, considering that Lindsay is allowed to remain on four mind altering prescription drugs - Zoloft, Traodone, Adderall and Dilaudid.  Lindsay’s father considers the drugs his daughter is taking to be dangerous and that she “will never be the same” until she gets off of them.

Lindsay will be randomly tested for alcohol and drugs until August, but positive amphetamine and opiate test results will likely be allowed by the Court as they have in the past with the starlet.  The Adderall which is prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder and the Dilaudid for “dental pain” will produce positive results.

Michael Lohan was vocal about his feelings that Lindsay’s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley has fallen short on her moral responsibility to help Lindsay deal with her drug abuse, putting morality on the back seat to “legal” responsibility.  He apparently had spoken to Ms. Holley in the past about Lindsay’s drug use and his fear for Lindsay’s life to no avail.   Mr. Lohan seemed pleased at the news that Ms. Holley had resigned yesterday after Judge Revel handed down Lindsay’s sentencing – which Ms. Holley described as “harsh and unfair.”

Though Lindsay and the legal system don’t seem to share in Mr. Lohan’s concern about the abuse of prescription drugs in this country, others do.

In an interview on the CBS Early Show National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske  said, "The issue of prescription drug abuse, which the Office of National Drug Control Policy has been shouting about from the rooftops, is a significant problem in this country." 

His comment was made after the Partnership for a Drug-Free America released statistics that showed that nearly one in five teens abuse prescription drugs to get high.  It is a stat which has remained steady over the past five years.

In an interview on MSNBC Chief Circuit Judge for the 21st Circuit in Kentucky said, “It's an epidemic and I'm afraid we're losing a whole generation. These pain medications are so highly addictive that these young people are digging themselves a very deep hole." This statement was made after several deaths occurred in Kentucky from prescription drug abuse.

Mary Rieser, director of
Narconon of Georgia stated, “Prescription drug abuse has now eclipsed illegal drug abuse with our youth and quite often the abuse is happening right under the noses of unsuspecting family members.    Family members don’t fully understand the dangers of these drugs and think they are safe just because they are prescribed.  Additionally, all too often there is an ample supply of mind altering drugs in the family medicine cabinet for youth to pilfer.”

Narconon of Georgia has been actively providing the public with information on
prescription drug abuse through its public service announcement and free brochures.  

Narconon of Georgia also offers effective drug treatment for prescription drug abusers.



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