Dead Soldiers’ Parents Sue for $40 Billion Over Anti-War T-Shirts

Atlanta, GA 5/01/2008 10:01 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Parents of a soldier who died fighting in Iraq have sued an Arizona man for more than $40 billion over anti-war t-shirts being sold that use the names of soldiers killed in action.


The Tennessee couple, Robin and Michael Read, are seeking class-action status for their lawsuit against Dan Frazier, saying he is using the names of the dead soldiers without permission.


The lawsuit seeks to award more than $4 billion in compensatory damages and $36.5 billion in punitive damages to the survivors of all U.S. service members killed since September 11, 2001.


The Read’s originally filed a lawsuit naming only themselves as plaintiffs and seeking $10 million in damages.

Frazier is selling t-shirts which list the names of all the service men and woman killed during the fighting in Iraq and proclaims “Bush Lied – They Died” across the front. He contends he is covered by the First Amendment guaranteeing his right to free speech.


According to the complaint filed Tuesday in Tennessee, the Reads say Frazier has no right to profit from the sales.



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