What Happens in Vegas… Movie Review Peter Tosto

Atlanta 5/12/2008 08:33 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Joy McNally played by Cameron Diaz and Jack Fuller played by Ashton Kutcher lead this comedy. The marketing of this film has misled many. The film which is said to be set in Vegas takes place in NewYork except for t about 15 minutes. This for me isn’t a bad thing.


Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) is fired by his father, Jack Fuller Sr. (Treat Williams) due to his lack of not completing jobs. McNally (Diaz) has a high profile job along with a fiancé that she portrays as the one who dumps her. When Diaz and Kutcher are fired and dumped they end up in Vegas for a night of forgetfulness. Neither one knew the other but by morning they are married to each other and $3,000,000.00 richer. Joy (Diaz) claims it was her quarter right after she tells Fuller she wants a divorce while (Jack) Kutcher claims it’s all mine.


The two head back to New York City go straight to court and Judge Whopper (Dennis Miller) sentences them both to 6 months of marriage. Miller was quite good.


Both Diaz and Kutcher are likable on screen together working well in this comedy. The supporting cast of Dennis Miller, Treat Williams, Rob Corddy, Lake Bell, Queen Latifah and Dennis Farina each play their respective parts well and come through with laughs.


The movie takes place over the next 6 months from their trip to Vegas as we watch Kutcher and Diaz attempt to bait each other into committing adultery, missing therapy, or having the other go completely nuts they work away from the money.


The laughs are in the film, although nothing that is new but the script holds up. Diaz and Kutcher are fun to watch and they interact well on screen.


My prediction is we will see more of these two together like we did Hanks and Ryan in the 90’s.


What Happens in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas in this one and it’s really set in Manhattan.


What Happens in Vegas came in third at the box office opening weekend bringing in 20 million behind Speed Racer in second with 20.2 million and Iron Man with over 50 million in its second week.



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