News Anchor Sue Simmons Apologizes After Using F-Word on Air

Atlanta, GA 5/13/2008 10:15 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Sue Simmons, a longtime NBC news anchor in New York, apologized Tuesday for using the f-word on air during a news promo on Monday.

Simmons, an anchor for New York's WNBC-TV, made the apology after cursing on the live promo.

During the 10 pm hour, WNBC featured a brief promo for the 11 pm news with Simmons and Chuck Scarborough. Simmons was teasing a story about rising grocery prices when the footage laid over her voice switched to a cruise ship that had a passenger go overboard.

Simmons then yelled "What the f--- are you doing?"

The outburst was followed by nearly eight seconds of silence.

During the 11 pm hour, Simmons offered her apology for using the f-bomb, saying that she was "truly sorry".

There was no word from the station if the curse word incident who cause Simmons to be suspended or reprimanded further.

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