Energy Policy TV Video Website is Relaunched to Highlight Debate on Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Green Economy During and After 2008 Elections.

Washington, DC 6/06/2008 02:25 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Energy Policy TV, the all-video website with more than 1,300 videos about energy and the environment – from peak oil to natural gas; solar to biofuels; climate change and green economy, has been relaunched with a more streamlined interface.  Energy Policy TV hosts video about all sides of the debate on emerging trends in energy, the environment and climate change, including timely video of congressional hearings, efforts to improve energy efficiency, peak oil issues and green economy, for example.


Grant Stockdale, CEO of Energy Policy TV said, “The timing is no accident.  The candidates will begin outlining their positions on energy, the environment, climate change and green economy.  No one can attend every energy policy meeting, congressional hearing, speech or conference.  Energy Policy TV gives access to these key events online, on-demand and on the record, and is the only website that presents videos of all congressional hearings on energy, the environment and climate change.  As Congress debates key energy, environment and climate change legislation and as we track progress on the extension of the investment tax credit, EPTV presents the video record of the debate on all sides.”


We take no editorial position.  We believe organizations and corporations want to be affiliated with a powerful public-service website that is dedicated to transparency on energy policy issues. In fact, many organizations will consider an investment in sponsorship/advertising on EPTV part of their public relations budget rather than as an advertising expense.”


“With increased sponsorship by those whose substantial influence shapes energy, environment and climate change policy, Energy Policy TV plans to expand over the next twelve months to real-time coverage of selected events.  “It’s an expensive service to deliver and we are counting on our neutral approach to garner support from heavy-hitters in industry to come forward to help us expand our outreach.” Stockdale said.


In addition to twenty sector-specific channels, the USEA Newsmaker Channel is produced by EPTV in conjunction with the United States Energy Association (USEA). Now in its seventh year, the Newsmaker Series features press conferences with the national media and trades.  Additionally, the EPTV News Roundtable Channel features one-on-one interviews with leaders in all sectors of energy, the environment and content providers.


Energy Policy TV is free and does not require registration or passwords. Additional channels include: Electricity, Infrastructure & Grid, Coal, Nuclear, Wind, Conservation, Sustainability, Transportation, States.  To inquire about sponsorship/advertising contact  To inquire about hosting your video, click here.

Source: Energy Policy TV
Contact: Melissa Monk


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