Pakistani flood situation not getting better

President Zardari is getting the heat for the grim condition of Pakistan and the civilians.

Atlanta 8/05/2010 09:57 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is facing anger from the millions of Pakistani civilians that have been affected by the flood, which is the worst flood that Pakistan has seen in almost a century.

The number of people affected by the flood is estimated to be at least 4 million, while about 1,600 have been killed. Houses have washed away, buses have plunged into water (killing about 20 people in Kashmir), and now water-borne diseases are spreading since all the wells have been contaminated. Dirty flood water can cause many health problems.

Forecasters say that even though there has been so much death and destruction already, the flood is not about to get better. In fact, meteorologists predict more rain in the next few days. This is not a surprise to many people since it is in the middle of monsoon season.

In such dire conditions, President Zardari thought it would be wise to travel to Europe, but the Pakistanis feel as though very little has been done. According to Prime Minister Gilani, several thousands of people have been rescued from the flood waters. But lives that have been saved cannot compensate for the destruction and panic ripping throughout Pakistan. For now, those who are affected by this harsh weather must hope and pray that the worst has already passed.


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