Landslide in China kills 700

More bodies are being uncovered in the grim aftermath

Atlanta 8/10/2010 11:07 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The landslide took place in Northwest China. The situation seems hopeless because of all the rubble, the mountainous terrain, and the promise of more rain and severe weather to come.

This is the worst flooding China has seen in a decade. There were already over 2,000 missing persons reported, and now another 1,000 is estimated to be missing.

About 7,000 soldiers and medical staff are helping to sort through the rubble to find any signs of life. They are using their hands.

Because of the dire condition of the area even before the landslide, rescuers say they are running low on supplies. Roads and bridges have been destroyed, but more tents and food supplies are needed.


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